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Mothers Day Craft May 10, 2012

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With some of my older (and more involved) students, I make sure to give them some level of control in the activities that we do. I sometimes give them a choice between two options, and sometimes (much like for this following craft) I leave the instructions more open ended.

I introduced this particular student to Pinterest and gave her the following directions: “find a craft that you can make for mother’s day.”

She found this mother’s day ice cream cone with adjectives for sprinkles.

Once the task was selected, she had to make a list of necessary materials, walk to the reception desk to request the materials, and decide how to make a similar “cone.”Image

I made that task harder by having her write a sentence for each word that she use to describe her mom. We then added a cover and made it a card (we glued it on backwards so you will have to forgive us).


Happy Mother’s Day


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