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Spring Food Craft- Field of Sprouts May 17, 2012

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I have been working on the planting/gardening theme for a bit of time. We have read books, planted seeds, repotted plants, made art projects, and played in the dirt. I wanted to create a food craft to round out the theme while reinforcing the students’ use of vocabulary and their ability to follow directions with the new vocabulary. This is just a fun project they can eat.Image

I also thought it would be good for students to see the whole process from planting the seeds, watching them grown, watering them, and “harvesting” and eating. The kids should be able to taste what they planted (I personally love sprouts) and it was great to see some of my students asking for more sprouts.



For each student:

1 slice of whole wheat bread

1 tablespoon for cream cheese

1 slice of banana

5-10 sprouts (I used sunflower) but if you use smaller ones like (alfalfa) you may want to use more.

1 ziploc bag or a small bowl (for mixing)

1 spoon for mixing and spreading

1 drop of blue food coloring


1. Mix the cream cheese with a drop of food coloring.

2.Spread the blue sky on the bread

3. A slice of banana for the sun in the sky.

4. Sprouts in the soil.


I worked on reinforcing the vocabulary: sprouts, sun, field, sky, sun, soil, planting, farmer.

My students loved this recipe.


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