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Group Therapy April 26, 2012

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UPDATE!!!! My guest post is up at SpeechBop!

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Free Articulation Cards April 11, 2012

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With the plethora of materials out there, it’s sometimes hard to weed the good from the bad, or to be selective so I don’t get overwhelmed with the amount I have to print out/laminate/distribute.

I have been reading a great blog by a mother and SLP who works with her own children to improve thier articulation. She was frustrated with the lack of simple articulation cards, so she went out of her way to make her own. http://testyyettrying.blogspot.com/

She has been kind in sharing all her hard work, making the lives of the many overworked parents and SLP’s easier. The great thing about all of her artic pictures is she include the words at the phrase and sometimes sentence level so kids who can read can use longer utterances to describe the pictures and for the ones who can’t the therapist can model the simple phrases. I also appreciate that with some of the sounds she explains which groups of words within a sound page are easier and which are progressively harder. I give these card sets a big THUMBS UP!!

I have been using her articulation sheets in the past few weeks with a child who has difficulty lifting her tongue and producing sounds using the tip of her tongue. My student really liked that she could draw on the sheet of pictures (easily printed as needed), put stickers when she mastered the correct placement and that she could take home the sheet to show her parents what she could do. She was so motivated by having something of her own that she said each work with an attempt at correct placement 10x each.

These pages have been much more motivating than fun deck cards because my student has ownership over the page, as opposed to fundecks which stay in school.

A great idea I found for using these pictures is a mini shredder, so that my students can shred the pictures of sounds/words they have mastered. I originally found this idea at http://www.activitytailor.com/blog/?p=638 and you can buy this shredder at http://www.etsy.com/listing/79543213/mini-japanese-paper-quilling-shredder?ref=pr_shop

Thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas from: