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The Very Hungry Caterpillar (simple craft) April 26, 2012

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I have been seeing a million and one wonderful crafts, so why throw my recent adventure into the mix. I created this craft during a shared book reading task to give my children manipulatives to play with.



  • Green streamer (or green tissue paper cut into long strips)
  • Googly eyes
  • Brown Tissue to wrap the caterpillar (streamer) while it’s in the cocoon
  • Tissue paper of various colors (cut/ripped into random shapes) for butterfly wings
  • Construction paper butterfly (precut by therapist)
  1. First make the caterpillar by cutting a length of streamer (approximately 1 foot) and paste eyes onto it.
  2. Use the caterpillar throughout the book reading to eat all the foods in the book
  3. When the caterpillar gets larger in the book, have the kids wrap the caterpillar in brown tissue paper and put it to sleep in the cocoon.
  4. While “metamorphosis” occurs, decorate the wings of the butterfly with the tissue paper. You can have the kids follow a pattern of putting the tissue paper one (blue, red, green, blue, red, ____) and this task is also good for increasing fine motor control, as the kids have to take only one piece of tissue paper at a time, and sequence putting glue on the paper wings and then pasting the tissue paper down.
  5. Once the wings are complete the caterpillar is ready to come out of the cocoon and get to use his wings (paste the streamer onto the butterfly wings)
  6. TAH DAH!!!!
  7. Don’t forget to review the vocabulary related to butterflies, which will differ based on the age and target goals for each child.